Like I was saying I'm all about love and romance and all that so this is my page dedicated to love.

Some of MY poetry, Please dont steal.

Rather (24 Jan 02)

I'd rather be in love, but I can't have you,
So I'd rather be alone than with a heart thats not true
Love is so hard to find, and even harder to keep
But thoughts of my love for you rock me to sleep
I love you sweetheart although you may not see
My love is definately here for you, it will always be

Standing (28 Jan 02)
Today I saw you standing there, I don't think you saw me, 'cause I didn't speak
The sight of you standing there simply made me weak
As I saw you standing there I thought about how I feel
While you were still standing there I contemplated your appeal
as I watched you standing there I know you don't see my pain
I memorized your face, your stance, your smile, with you standing just the same
I tried to feel your essence, absorb the aura surrounding you
And you just kept right on standing there with nothing else to do
It broke my heart to see you standing there, I didn't know what to do
So I passed on by where you were standing because I'm confused by my feelings for you.

If you couldn't figure it out those two poems are dedicated to someone who has "touched my life" although he will remain nameless. Although I know he will probably never know the depths to which he has touched me, I know, and I'm sharing that here with you.