Hey there, you've made it to page 2, the page devoted entirely to ME! So with out further to do:


I'm a hopeless romantic, I love being in love, and all that silly sappy stuff most people don't care about, but it makes me gush. I'm no longer searching for love I've found a guy who is sweet and caring and wants only me and I'm so happy.

The saying goes: and I believe that to the fullest

My baby OEB!

As I was saying im into romantic type stuff and I just loved this when I saw it:
that would be a lovely way to spend time snuggling with that special someone, and after snuggling theres always.....

This is my full body

One of my favorite things to do is PARTY!
You gotta have the remy or alize, and a good game of pool

I go to school at I'm a Secondary Education major concentration in Math. Hopefully I will be able to pick up a minor in Latin, if UWG gets their stuff together but I'll probably hold that off until grad school.

Me at Graduation

I like to do hair so here's me showcasing one of my styles

Showing my side

A recent pic of me


After consulting a highly reputible online quiz site i must inform you all that i am

But I wear that title well! I'm sure you've noticed the music playing in the background, yes that is one of my favorite songs but that doesnt' mean anything...or does it?lol.

Unfortunately I have some haters and jealous people in this world that I have to deal with but to all of you I say